My name is Theo Stråhlén and I'm a 21-year-old web developer from Sweden and I'm currently doing my internship at Domani Studios in New York. This site is made for me to do simple and small experiments with jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5 and other things I find interesting. But also to show some real projects.

Facebook Check In Map

I wanted to try out the Google Maps API V3, I've been using V2 before so this is the first project with V3 for me. It's a way to visualize check-ins on Facebook. The user connects and it will place out all check-ins done by him/her. There's also a way to search for friends and see where they've been.



This is project me, Henrik Porseland and John Karlsson started in December 2010. It's based on an desktop application me and John did 2009, SpotifyAlarm. It's basically an alarm clock for Spotify users. Instead of using iTunes we use Spotify. First three weeks we got 5000 downloads on the app. Check out the website and try out the app!

Website: http://alarmify.se
Link to Alarmify in AppStore (It's free!)

Social Searching

A small project I did together with Micah who is a senior developer at Domani Studios. This site allows people to search back in time on Twitter or Facebook. There is no search function for your wall on Facebook at the moment so if you want to find an old post that's a lot of scrolling. And Twitter search is only two weeks back. With socialsearching.info you will save a lot of time.


Facebook FriendMap

This site I made to play around with the Google Maps API together with the Facebook API. Basically what it's doing is showing your network on a map. It collects the location or hometown from your friends and maps it out. It's a nice way to see how your network looks like.


Create your own countdown

There's a lot of there sites on the web where people can create their own countdown, they have a bunch of settings and styling options. But they also come with ads and the styling isn't always that great. I wanted to keep it simple and clean.


Thanks for scrolling all the way down here. Please send me an email or a tweet if you want to say hi!